Drawing Tenants Who Share Our Vision…

The design and general concept of the building focuses on creating an environment less corporate, more open and naturally stimulating. Creating a smaller community atmosphere in a building of the character and size of the Omar Baking Building is natural. Our vision is that the Omar will be the place where people can collaborate, share some common space, enhance our creative IQ, raise our energy levels and grow productivity.

Office area with loft

Cross training center

Design studio / office

    Some of the tenants who already occupy the Omar Baking Building and some we would like to include are:  

    • Photographers
    • Architectural designers
    • Stage production companies
    • Audio visual experts
    • Theater companies
    • Web & media consultants
    • Wedding planners
    • Marketing and advertising executives
    • Art studio/gallery owners
    • Dance and theater instructors
    • Banquet/social hall & catering companies
    • Bakery operators, of course!
    • Cafeteria operators
    • Graphic designers
    • Fraternities
    • Trade, vocational and educational institutions
    • Non-profit associations
    • Legal firms
    • Accounting and finance groups
    • Religious organizations