Re-purposed Building Blends a Rich History and an Artist’s Flair…

In 2008, a group of investors were in search of a building with the scale and character large enough to revitalize both a historic site and its surrounding neighborhood. We wanted to bring together under one roof a community with sufficient energy, impact and positive attraction to create a point of destination for companies and organizations that are compatible by the nature.

First, the investors needed to build a budget that would offer affordable space within the target market. Second, to be attractive as a place for businesses, a positive and central destination location was essential. The investors preferred somewhere in midtown, adjacent to a major developing corridor, and in a market where business trends were already upwardly mobile. Locating near the MTA line would also be a plus for the location. The destination also needed to have a minimum ratio of 3:1 off-street parking and a design that with architectural elements that would give it a distinctive edge in the chosen market.

For the most part the investors believe they achieved their vision to attract a community of users that are strong, creative and compatible in nature. The building’s owners share a sense of pride with the tenants, and we are proud of the way in which the Omar Baking Company Building has developed into a unique blend of old-world craftsmanship and today's technology, allowing the old character of the building to be the dominant element. We agree with a recent visitor who told us, “The building IS art.”  

Four years later, the Omar Baking Company Building is becoming known in the Omaha market as a building of distinction, unique in character and generous in offerings. The businesses that call the Omar Baking Company Building home agree. Businesses will also agree that advantages of the Omar connection are the sharing of ideas and the staging of social events where everyone can participate. Both stimulate positive energy and meet the vision set out by the investors.


Omar Baking Company Building - Omaha