Offering a space unlike any available in midtown Omaha…

The Omar Baking Building stretches two blocks and has three levels and five definable areas in the 80,000-square foot of floor space. There are six exterior entries into the building providing exclusive entries into each of the definable areas. The Old Market vintage and character of the Omar Baking Building make the building truly unique.  

OMAR Baking Building Logo

OMAR Baking Building Logo

Because the Omar Baking Building was originally designed as a special purpose building, its special features limit industrial uses and give it flexibility for re purposing into studios, fitness centers, assembly areas, office space, and event space. Abundant natural light, across a broad spectrum, pours into the space through numerous windows and skylights.

The building has electronic security, and the grounds have electronic surveillance. The Omar Baking Building – and its midtown location – stand out among buildings of its vintage and architecture. Unlike many properties in the urban core, it has an abundance of parking for tenants and guests. The total area of the property is approximately four acres with 230 parking spaces in lots to the north, east, and west of the building, with additional parking to the south at 45th & Izard.

The building boasts a center social area equipped with vending machines and coffee service, open office modules, two common conference rooms and special events space for fundraisers, corporate events, lunches, dinners, weddings, or parties. The common areas create a sense of community, facilitate collaboration among the three areas, serve as a catalyst for social contact and entrepreneurship, and broaden opportunities for interacting with others and expanding ideas and business. Additionally, sharing limited common space provides a major economic benefit to all surrounding space.