Omar Baking Building spent six decades filling the neighborhood with the aroma of baking bread…

Delivery trucks

Erected in 1923, the building at 45th & Nicholas housed the Omaha branch of the Omar Baking Company. The company had additional bakery operations in Milwaukee, Columbus and Indianapolis. Additionally, there were 17 company branches within a 100-mile radius of each plant, covering 1,346 communities, and 37 mills across the country. The baking company was given its name by Mr. Coad, its president, who was inspired by Omar Khayyam's famous lines, "A book of verse, a loaf of bread...".

Image of the Omaha Bakery in 1966

In August of 1966, Metz Baking Company acquired the Omaha property, and the Peter Pan - Omar operations continued the Omar tradition, adding another element of recognition for the Peter Pan brand and its famous “Old Home” label. In the 1980s the building was sold to the Gayer family, who dealt in used fixtures that were acquired mostly from department stores, leaving the bakery business behind.

In March 2008, OMAR-5, LLC, purchased the building and began what would become a four-year renovation of the entire building to repurpose it for office, warehouse, arts and event spaces.

From time to time an old-timer will stop by the building with memories of the old bakery and its emissary the “Omar Man,” as well as the Omar jingle. We hear stories from Omar customers and the many families whose members worked in the bakery throughout the years. The Omar history will remain an integral part of the building for years to come.

Image of the Omar man


"I'm the Omar man, (tap, tap, tap)
knocking at your door (rappa tap tap).

When you taste my bread (mmmm boy!),
you're gonna want more (rappa tap tap).

Yes, everyone loves those cookies and cakes
and even the wonderful bread the Omar bakes!

Get it from your Omar man!"